In 2017, there were over 30,500 international students of Bangladeshi origin in Malaysia. This modern yet culturally rich Southeast Asian country has long been a favoured destination for Bangladeshi students wanting to study abroad.

The perks of living in Malaysia are many: globally recognised degrees, affordable tuition, Western and halal lifestyle, and beautiful landscapes adorning the terrain of both West and East Malaysia.

These are what keep Bangladeshi students coming back year after year. Keep reading to find out more benefits of studying in this lush tropical paradise!

A Bridge to the West

After passing HSC, Alim, or A-Level exams, Bangladeshi students have tough choices to make. Should they study locally or try for the U.S., Europe, or Australia? The difficulty in gaining admission to local Universities along with intense competition often turn Bangladeshi students away studying at home.

Studying abroad is a great alternative, allowing students to gain a high-quality education with greater career prospects after graduation - without all the drawbacks.

What Bangladeshi students look for is a country that can get them the degree they need, but also provide them a rich experience that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Things like making good friends, exploring new cultures, exposure to a diverse range of people from across the globe, and most importantly – qualifications that can assure them postgraduate admission to Universities in wealthy nations in the West.

Malaysia is the ideal destination for students with these life objectives in mind. The nation hosts a range of private Universities’ satellite or foreign branch campuses, such as China's Xiamen University and Japan's Saito College and others.

These Universities often provide twinning programmes, allowing students to spend 1 or 2 of their years of study on their main campus.

Additionally, the private sector has invested heavily in education as the job market has grown. The results have led to high quality private tertiary education that ranks on par with more established names.

Some examples are Asia Pacific University, INTI International College Kuala Lumpur, Management and Science University, Sunway University, SEGi College.

These Universities are well known in Malaysia for producing well rounded students who have in-demand skills and are easily adaptable to changing economic landscapes.

The Halal Western Lifestyle

Over 90% of Bangladesh’s 166+ million people are Muslim. It is no surprise then that Bangladeshis choose Malaysia as a destination for studying and working. As an Islamic nation, Malaysia boasts a sprawling number of Masjids throughout the major cities and towns. Even petrol stations have a surau to pray in!

In fact, one of Malaysia’s major GDP sources is halal tourism. Muslims from around the world are drawn to the picturesque Masjids, the diverse array of halal foods, and trendy Muslim fashion Malaysia has to offer. The ‘Adhan’ (call to prayer) can be heard whether you are sitting in your hostel room, or exploring the sights.

Major western food brands such as KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and others are all 100% Halal certified according to the Halal Department of JAKIM, the country’s Islamic Development Department. That’s right – many Muslims don’t try their first double cheeseburger in the U.S., they come to Malaysia!

Whether you are very strict in your practices or a more liberal type Muslim, Malaysia welcomes Muslims from across the Ummah with open arms. This is especially important for parents, who may want to visit their son or daughter during their studies.

Which leads to the next benefit…

It's Close to Home!

No matter how much international students like being away from home, there is always a yearning to visit family, especially during important celebrations like Eid-al-Fitr or occasions such as a family member’s wedding, or the birth of a baby. For Bangladeshi students in the U.S. or Australia, going back home is very costly and time consuming, requiring the purchase of expensive plane tickets and extensive planning.

On the other hand, the average round trip flight to Kuala Lumpur from Dhaka is roughly RM1500 (BDT 29000) and only takes a mere four and a half hours. The low cost of flights and flying time means more time spent with family, whether you visit them back home, or they visit you in Malaysia. 

Study What You ACTUALLY Want

One of the problems in South Asian countries is a lack of specialisation in courses. Most private institutions in Bangladesh only provide subjects they feel will make them big profits, rather than offering a diverse range of courses that with more unique and specific courses.

Luckily in Malaysia, private institutions have found a balance of providing high quality education in both widely chosen programmes and subjects such as Computer Science, Medicine, Engineering, and more niche subjects like 3D Animation Design, Marine Biotechnology, Interior Architecture.

Students who seek to become future business leaders study subjects such as Retail Management, Tourism Management, and Business Management which leads them to careers owning or managing large and successful businesses. For study options in these areas, click here.

Now is the best time to study to get a Bachelor’s degree in a field you didn’t dream was possible.

An Amazing Environment to Explore

When students have free time on the weekends or in between semesters, they like to EXPLORE! Malaysia is a lush tropical paradise that allows you to go from the hustle and bustle of the major cities, to the serene waterfalls of Malaysian jungles within an hour’s drive. There’s certainly an advantage of studying in a country that is also a vacation destination for millions of tourists around the world.

There are many popular hotspots for students to visit on in their downtime. Kuala Lumpur, the nation’s capital, boasts luxurious shopping malls and entertainment outlets. Penang is the gastronomic capital of Malaysia, boasting arguably Malaysia’s best food – Nasi Kandar, Char Kuay Teow, Penang Laksa, Hokkien Mee, and fresh local seafood, to name just a few. Malacca, an important historical city, takes you back in time to Malaysia’s colonial past, which you can explore via rickshaw (Yes! Rickshaw!), river boat, or even walking.

For students who crave nature, Malaysia has no shortage of eco destinations. If you want to catch some sun and relax on the beach, consider an island retreat in Langkawi, Perhentian, Redang, or Tioman islands. You’ll be able to go scuba diving, snorkeling, and sunbathing in a secluded environment. Cameron Highlands is a scenic hill station, with gorgeous hillside tea gardens and a cold breeze that will refresh your spirit. There are also numerous waterfalls, hiking trails, ATV tours, and nature resorts that will sure to pique your curiousity.

Malaysia is truly an All-in-One Education Destination

A Bangladeshi student can truly grow as a person while studying in Malaysia. Whether they want to go deep into their academic field, meet a diverse range of people from nations around the world, explore natural beauty, or a mix of all these things, this humble Southeast nation is a perfect fit as an education destination. Why not apply now? MyUniZone can help you secure a spot in a private University in Malaysia – browse the perfect course for you at MyUniZone.