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BA (Hons) Chinese Studies

Southern University College




  • Description

    This course is to prepare students with the comprehensive concepts, knowledge, competencies, skills and techniques associated with the learning of Chinese Studies including language, literat ure, historiography , philosophy, culture and art. This programme equips students to face the challenges. In addition to gaining professional knowledge, student s will develop strong analytical skills, language usage, appreciation and expression skills, and it will bring up their humanities, spirit of exploring and self-improving for success in today's environment.

    Field of Study


    Duration (Years)


    Course Fees (RM)

    RM 48,500 (USD 11,640)

    MQA No.


    Degree Type

    Internal Degree

  • Intake (Month)

    February; May; September

Entry Requirements

  • A-Level

    Pass A-Level with at least a full pass in 2 subjects and a credit in Chinese at SPM

  • UEC

    Grade B in 5 subjects including Chinese

  • Matric/Foundation

    Matriculation / Foundation with a minimum of CGPA2.00 and a credit in Chinese at SPM


    Pass STPM (CGPA2.00) with a minimum of Grade C (SGP2.00) in 2 subjects and a credit in Chinese at SPM

  • Diploma

    Diploma / Advanced Diploma in related field with a minimum of CGPA2.00 and a credit in Chinese at SPM

  • Other

    Other equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government

  • English Requirements

    IELTS: 5.0

    MUET: Band 3

Programme Structure

  • Overall Structure
    Core Subjects

    Introduction to Literature 

    Introduction to Ancient Texts 

    Classical Chinese

    Modern Chinese

    Survey of Chinese History I 

    Survey of Chinese History II 

    Modern Chinese Literature

    Readings in Ancient Chinese Prose I 

    Readings in Ancient Chinese Prose II 

    Chinese Literature in Malaysia 

    History of Chinese Literature I 

    History of Chinese Literature II 

    History of Malaysia Chinese 

    Readings in Chinese Poetry

    Chinese Philology 

    Chinese Phonology

    Critical Interpretation of Ancient Texts 

    Chinese Teaching Methods 

    Contemporary Chinese Literature 

    Chinese Writing and Practical Chinese

    Chinese Cultural Studies and social survey 

    Research Methodology/ Graduation Thesis I 

    Research Methodology/ Graduation Thesis II 

    Research Methodology / Graduation Thesis Ill

    Elective Subjects

    Chinese Calligraphy

    The Book of Change s (Yi Jing) 

    The Book of Songs (Shi Jing) 

    Zuo Zhuan

    The Analects of Confucius 


    The Thought of Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi 

    Han Fei Zi

    The Book of History (Shi Ji) 

    Introduction to Chinese Culture 

    Readings in Ci-poetry

    Chu Ci

    Comparative Literature 

    Classical Chinese Novels 

    History of Chinese Thought

Additional Information

  • Fees
    RM 48,500 (USD 11,640)

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