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Bachelor of Islamic Science (Hons) in Da'wah and Usuluddin - Online

Al-Madinah International University




  • Description
    Comprehensive knowledge in the field of da`wah with its principles and be able to apply the knowledge gained in their daily lives. Comprehensive knowledge in the field of usul al-din and be able to relate this knowledge in Islamic missionary (da’wah). Ability to relate the knowledge in da`wah and usul al-din with other Islamic disciplines.
    Field of Study


    Duration (Years)

    4 years

    Course Fees

    RM 28,321.80 (USD6643.63)

    MQA No.


  • Intake (Month)

    Sep 2020; Feb 2021; Sep 2021

Entry Requirements

    i. Passed the Malaysian High School Certificate (STPM) obtaining at least a C grade (CGPA 2.0) including Arabic Language or equivalent
  • STAM
    i. Passed the Malaysian Higher Certificate of Religion (STAM) with Maqbul's rank
  • O-Level/GCSE
    i. Passed A-Level with at least C grade in 2 subjects
  • Other

    i. Passed Matriculation / Foundation with CGPA 2.0; or

    iii. Diploma in Islamic Studies or in related fields with at least CGPA 2.0; or

    iii. Passed Shahadah Thanawiyyah Ammah;

    vi. Other qualifications recognized as equivalent by the Government of Malaysia.

  • English Requirements

    All international students applying to MEDIU must have a valid TOEFL or IELTS or other recognized English certificate of not more than two years old upon the registration.

    Arabic Language Requirements

    Candidates who wish to enter a program which medium of instruction is Arabic Language, must pass MEDIU's Arabic Placement Test (MAPT).

Programme Structure

  • Year 1

    Using Information Technology

    History of Legislation

    Introduction To Science Of Al-Quran

    Ideological Invasion

    Syntax 1

    Research Methodology

    Islamic Education

    Introduction to Aqidah

    Biography Of The Prophet 1

    Introduction To Hadith Terminology

  • Year 2

    Aqidah for Specialization 1

    Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) 1

    Prophet’s Tradition (Hadith) 1

    Biography of the Prophet 2

    History Of Dakwah

    Aqidah for Specialization 2

    Foundation And Methodology Of Da’wah (usul Dawah) 1

    Islamic History (tarikh Islam)1

    Al-Qur’an Interpretation (General Tafsir) 1

    Morphology 1

  • Year 3

    Aqidah for Specialization 3

    Foundation And Methodology Of Da’wah(usul Dawah) 2

    Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) 2

    Prophet’s Tradition (Hadith) 2

    Al-Qur’an Interpretation (General Tafsir) 2

    Aqidah for Specialization 4

    Foundation And Methodology Of Da’wah (usul Dawah) 3

    Human Rights In Islam

    Islamic History (tarikh Islam)2

    Islamic Sects

  • Year 4

    Aqidah for Specialization 5

    Foundation And Methodology Of Da’wah (usul Dawah) 4

    Contemporary Of Islamic World

    Compartative Religion (adyan )

    Curricula And Teaching Methodology


    Foundation And Methodology Of Da’wah (usul Dawah) 5


Additional Information

  • Fees
    RM 28,321.80 (USD6643.63)

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