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Bachelor of Islamic Sciences (Hons) in Fiqh and Usul Fiqh - On-Campus

Al-Madinah International University




  • Description
    Develop the skills of study in the field of Jurisprudence and the research and training in various areas of legitimacy. Accustom the students and train them in the field of fatwa so they can graduate and work in the field of fatwa.
    Field of Study


    Duration (Years)

    4 years

    Course Fees

    RM33,865.00 (USD7943.94)

    MQA No.


  • Intake (Month)

    Sep 2020; Feb 2021; Sep 2021

Entry Requirements

    i. Passed Malaysian High School Certificate (STPM) / Malaysian Higher Certificate of Religion (STAM) / A-Level obtaining at least a full Passed in two (2) subjects including Arabic Language or equivalent with a CGPA of 2.00 / Passed the relevant Foundation / Matriculation; or
  • Other

    i. Graduated Diploma in the related fields; or

    ii. Other qualifications recognized as equivalent by the Government of Malaysia; and

    iii. Passed the Shahadah Thanawiyyah Ammah examination

  • English Requirements

    '-Arabic Language Requirements

    Candidates who wish to enter a program which medium of instruction is Arabic Language, must pass MEDIU's Arabic Placement Test (MAPT) or equivalent. Exemptions will be granted subject to the University Senate's approval based on situations.

    All international students applying to MEDIU must have a valid TOEFL or IELTS or other recognized English certificate of not more than two years old upon the registration.

Programme Structure

  • Year 1

    Using Information Technology

    Syntax 1

    Introduction to Science of Al-Quran

    Ideological Invasion **

    History of Legislation

    Biography of the Prophet 1 **

    Islamic Education**

    Research Methodology

    Introduction To Aqidah

    Introduction To Hadith Terminology

  • Year 2

    Biography of The Prophet 2

    Prophet’s Tradition (Hadith) 1

    Science of Legitimacy Policy 1

    Islamic Credo (Aqidah) 1

    Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh Al-Ibadat) 1

    Al-Qur’an Interpretation (Tafsir) 1

    Morphology 1

    Islamic Credo (Aqidah) 2

    Foundation Of Islamic Jurisprudence 1

    Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh Al-Ibadat) 2

  • Year 3

    Prophet’s Tradition (Hadith) 2

    Al-Qur’an Interpretation (Tafsir) 2

    Foundation Of Islamic Jurisprudence 2

    Science of Legitimacy Policy 2

    Islamic Credo (Aqidah) 3

    Foundation Of Islamic Jurisprudence 3

    Islamic Family Law (Fiqh Al-Usrah)

    Islamic Law of Inheritance 1

    Human Rights In Islam

    Islamic Legal Maxims (Qawaid Fiqhiyya)

  • Year 4

    Foundation Of Islamic Jurisprudence 4

    Islamic Law of Inheritance 2

    Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh Al-Muamalat) 1

    Contemporary Law Issues 1

    Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh Al-Muamalat) 2

    Islamic Criminal Law (Fiqh Al-Jinayat)

    Contemporary Law Issues 2

    History Of Judging (Tarikh Al-Qadha)

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  • Fees
    RM33,865.00 (USD7943.94)

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