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Bachelor of Language (Hons) in Arabic Language and Literature - Online

Al-Madinah International University




  • Description
    Develop the student’s language skills as well as literary texts to enable them in understanding Arabic Language. Development of graduates communicative and cultural language skills and abilities.
    Field of Study


    Duration (Years)

    4 years

    Course Fees

    RM 28,451.80 (USD6674.13)

    MQA No.


  • Intake (Month)

    Sep 2020; Feb 2021; Sep 2021

Entry Requirements


    i. Pass in 2 subjects including Arabic Language in Malaysian High School Certificate (STPM); or

    ii. A-Level;

  • STAM
    i. Malaysian Higher Certificate of Religion (STAM);
  • Other
    i. Diploma / Foundation in the relevant field which have earned the Minimum Standards from MQA or other qualifications recognized as equivalent by the Government of Malaysia.
  • English Requirements
    International students are required to achieve a minimum score of 5.0 in IELTS OR Band 3 of MUET OR its equivalent.

Programme Structure

  • Year 1

    Introduction to Science of Al-Quran

    Syntax 1

    Introduction to Language Sciences

    Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS)

    Using Information Technology

    Research Methodology

    Islamic Education

    Introduction to Aqidah

    Biography of the Prophet 1

    Syntax 2

  • Year 2

    Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) 1

    Syntax 3

    Literature & Texts 1 (Jahiliyah and Early Islamic Era)

    General Linguistics


    Studies of the Language Books

    Syntax 4

    Morphology 1

    Literature & Texts 2 (Abbasid & Andalusi Era)

    Science of Phonetics

    The Art of Writing

    Hubungan Etnik

  • Year 3

    Aqidah for Non-Specialization 1

    Al-Qur'an Interpretation (General Tafsir) 1

    Morphology 2

    Syntax 5

    Prophet's Tradition (Hadith) 1

    Morphology 3

    Literature & Texts 3 (Contemporary Era)

    Science of Prosody and Rhyme

    Syntax 6

    Ideological Invasion

  • Year 4

    Rhetoric Science 1 (Al- Bayan and Al-Badie')

    Comparative Literature

    Literary Criticism 1

    Syntax 7

    Co-Curriculum (Community Services)

    Teaching Techniques for Arabic Language Subjects

    Miracles of the Qur'anic Language

    Applied Linguistics

    Rhetoric Science 2 (Al-Ma'ani)

    Literary Criticism 2

Additional Information

  • Fees
    RM 28,451.80 (USD6674.13)

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