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Diploma in Aviation Safety Management

Aviation Management College




  • Description

    This programme focus on safety and health in aviation industries and is multi-disciplined. Students will obtain skills and knowledge about hazard analysis procedures from various sources, risks assessment and prevention in aviation. This will reflect the roles of individuals who coordinate and maintain the safety and health in airport and airlines. Individuals would possess a sound theoretical knowledge base and use a range of specialized, technical or managerial competencies to plan, carry out and evaluate their own work and the work of others.

    Field of Study

    Transport Services

    Duration (Years)

    2.5 - 3

    Course Fees (RM)

    RM 20,000 (USD 5,000)

    MQA No.

    FA 6621

    Degree Type

    Internal Degree

  • Intake (Month)

    January; April; June; July; August; September; December

Entry Requirements

  • O-Level/GCSE

    3 Credits and pass in English, Math & Science


    Passed SPM with three (3) credits including passes in Mathematics, Science and English

  • English Requirements

    Pass in English

Programme Structure

  • Semester 1

    Aviation History

    Critical and Creative Thinking

    Malaysia Study or Bahasa Melayu Communication 1

    Flight Simulator

  • Semester 2

    Airport Management 

    Air Law & Regulations 

    Aviation Safety and Security 

    Crew Resource Management 

    Fundamentals of Aviation

  • Semester 3

    Aircraft Accident Management

    Transport of Dangerous Goods

  • Semester 4

    Aviation Human Factors

    Occupational Safety and Health Law

    Aviation English 1 

    Hazards in Aviation

    Air Traffic Management

  • Semester 5

    Introduction to Occupational Safety 

    Introduction to Occupational Health 

    RAMP Services & Refueling

    Aviation English 2

  • Semester 6

    Principles of Management

    Aircraft Mass (Weight) & Performance

    Radio Aids & Navigator System

  • Others

    SAR & Emergency Response Planning

    Occupational Management System

    Aircraft Materials & Hardware

    Project Paper

    Industrial Practical Training

Additional Information

  • Fees
    RM 20,000 (USD 5,000)

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