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Diploma in Childhood Education

University College Yayasan Pahang (UCYP)




  • Description

    1)To produce graduates with the latest knowledge and professional skills in early childhood education
    2)To produce graduates who are capable of planning, managing and teaching in the early childhood education
    3)To produce graduates who can transfer the knowled gegained to other stakeholders
    4)To produce graduates who are capable of generating and developing innovative ideas in the early childhood education.
    5)To produce graduates who are capable of pursuing study to the higher education
    6)To produce knowledgeable graduates and sensitive to the current issues of early childhood education and to conduct research related to the early childhood education                                                                                 

    Field of Study


    Duration (Years)


    Course Fees
    RM 30,032 (USD 7,508)
    MQA No.


    Degree Type

    Internal Degree

  • Intake (Month)
    June & December

Entry Requirements

  • O-Level/ High School Equivalent
    Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or Any other equivalent qualifications by the Malaysian Government 
  • English Requirements

    > Minimum score of TOEFL PBT(397)/ IBT (30-31)
    > Minimum 4.0 for IELTS;
    > Minimum Score Band 2 for MUET.
    Applicant MUST PASS any of the above within 2 years course of study.

Programme Structure

  • Semester 1

    MPU 2133 - Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1/ MPU 2163- Pengajian Malaysia 2

    BLD 1182 - English 1 – Milestone in English

    BCD 1013 - Philosophy andCurriculumin Early Childhood Education

    BCD 1023 - Bahasa Melayu in Early Childhood Education

    BCD 1033 - Baby Care and Children Education Quality Program

    BCD 1043 - Music in Early Childhood Education

  • Semester 2

    MPU 2223 - Pengurusan Rumahtangga/ MPU 2253-Bahasa Kebangsaan A/ MPU 2263-Asas Kepimpinan/ MPU 2283-Kreatifdan Kritisdalam Berfikir 1

    BLD 1192 - English 2 – Moving with English

    BCD 1063 - Art and Crafts in Early ChildhoodEducation

    BCD 1073 - Management and Administration in Early Childhood Education

    BCD 1083 - Child Growth and Development

    BCD 1093 - Playing Early Childhood Education

  • Semester 3 

    MPU 2312 - Sains Kekeluargaan/ MPU 2362-Seni Kontemporari/ MPU 2382-Islam dan Globalisasi

    BLD 3152 - Mandarin

    BCD 2113 - Introducing English Language to Young Children

    BCD 2123 - Nutrition, Health andChild Safety

    BCD 2133 - Mathematics in Early Childhood Education

    BCD 2143 - Children's Early Language and Literacy

  • Semester 4

    MPU 2442 - Pengenalan Kepada Kewajipan Sosial

    MPU 2462 - Asas Badminton

    BCD 2163 - Islamic and Moral Education in Early Childhood Education

    BCD 2173 - Special Need and Inclusion in Early Childhood Education

    BCD 2183 - Parent and Community Involvement in Early Childhood Education

    BCD 2193 - Guidance and Children's Behavior Management

    BCD 2203 - Assessment and Observations in Early Childhood Education

  • Semester 5

    ABD1023 - Entrepreneurship

    BCD3223 - Act and Policy in Early Childhood Education

    BCD3233 - Pedagogyin Early Childhood Education

    BCD3243 - Science and Environment in Early Childhood Education

    BCD3253 - ICT in Early Childhood Education

  • Semester 6

    BCD3278 - Practical (Nursery & Kindergarten)

Additional Information

  • Fees
    RM 30,032 (USD 7,508)

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