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Diploma in Islamic Institution Management

University College Yayasan Pahang (UCYP)




  • Description

    The academy was established as a response to the market demand of gaining Islamic education abroad namely in Jordan. The teaching team has proven their capabilities in producing skillful and knowledgeable graduates in the field of Islamic management.                                                                                                       

    Field of Study

    Business Management & Administration

    Duration (Years)


    Course Fees
    RM 27,580 (USD 6,895)
    MQA No.


    Degree Type

    Internal Degree

  • Intake (Month)
    June & December

Entry Requirements

  • O-Level/ Equivalent
    Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or Any other equivalent  qualifications by the Malaysian Government 
  • English Requirements

    > Minimum score of TOEFL PBT(397)/ IBT (30-31)
    > Minimum 4.0 for IELTS;
    > Minimum Score Band 2 for MUET.
    Applicant MUST PASS any of the above within 2 years course of study.

Programme Structure

  • Semester 1

    BLD-1182 - Milestone in English                         

    CAD1013 - Introduction to Computer       

    UAD1013 - Bahasa Arab                                           

    USD1013 - Asas Syariah                                               

    USD1023 - Asas Aqodah                                       

    MPU2163 - Pengajian Malaysia

  • Semester 2

    BLD1192 - Moving with English                                                                                                                       

    UUD1143 - Usul Fiqh 1                                                 

    USD1283 - Asas Fiqh Muamalat                           

    USD1373 - Sistem Perundangan & Kehakiman Islam                         

    USD1383 - Pengajian Al-quran & Tafsir                         

    MPU2223 -Pengurusan Rumah Tangga

  • Semester 3 

    USD 2343 - Pentadbiran Undang-undang keluarga islam                                                                                 

    ABD1063 -Prinsip Pengurusan                                 

    CAD2033 -Information Processing                           

    USD2153 - Usul Fiqg 2                                                   

    USD2393 - Pengajian Sunnah Nabawiyah                           

    MPU2322 - Kesenian Islam                                       

    MPU2442 - K/Sosial

  • Semester 4

    USD2223 - Institusi Fatwa                   

    ABD2033 - Business Communication   

    ABD2103 - Gelagat Organisasi 

    Prinsip Pengurusan Islam               

    Prosedur MAL                                             

    USD2363 - Pentadbiran Zakat, Wakaf dan Baitumal

  • Semester 5

    ABD1023 - Entreprenurship   

    ASD3123 - Organizing Skills   

    USD2354 - Pentadbiran Harta Pusaka Islam                                     

    USD3103 - Muamalat Islam Semasa   

    USD3104 - Prosedur  Jenayah     

    USD3253 - Fiqh Ibadah

  • Semester 6

    DFI3164 - Industrial Training

Additional Information

  • Fees
    RM 27,580 (USD 6,895)

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