Aviation Management College

1, B18, Taman Desa Jenderam Hilir,
43800, Dengkil
About Aviation Management College

Aviation Management College is set up with the main purpose to “add value” to the aviation fraternities in Malaysia. We want to become the central focus of aviation management related knowledge and information in Malaysia, and want to provide the growth impetus to the aviation industry in Malaysia. As you may be aware, the aviation industry is set to grow in the Asia and Pacific regions (including Malaysia) with the advent growth of Chinese and Indian economies.

In keeping to our core values: Customers Satisfaction, Continuous Improvement, Professionalism and Teamwork, our student satisfaction is our primary concern. Your educational training is our central focus.

Our other goal is to produce graduates, not just with the knowledge, but with the skills to communicate and interact well with other people, hence attaining the necessary problem-solving skills that are so needed in the aviation industry. As Thomas More said “Education is not piling on of learning, information, data, facts or abilities – that is training or instruction – but is rather making visible what is hidden as a seed”.

Currently, our core product is the Diploma In Aviation Management and Diploma In Flight Operation Management – the first of its kind in Malaysia, with the goal of producing graduates who would be able to take Malaysia ‘s aviation industry to greater heights.